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They find a ski lodge inhabited by another group, where Clementine is surprised to find Kenny alive, his escape left unexplained. During a walker attack, the combined groups are saved by the sudden appearance of Carver and his minions, who take the survivors as their prisoners to a well-fortified department store. Clementine and the others are put to work in exchange for their safety, and when they try to escape Carver brutally bludgeons Kenny as punishment. Seeing Carver's ruthlessness leads three other survivors, Jane, Mike, and Bonnie, to join their group in plotting an escape before the store is overrun by a mass of walkers.

Clementine is instrumental in their escape, and Kenny kills Carver. As they flee, Kenny's girlfriend Sarita is bit by a walker, and Clementine or Kenny euthanize her. When they regroup, Kenny is distraught and refuses to talk to anyone, but Clementine is able to break him out of his emotional depression, so as to help Rebecca give birth to her baby, which is later named Alvin Jr. Jane takes interest in Clementine, and like Lee before, helps to teach her some survival skills including understanding that she cannot save everyone.

After another walker attack, the group continues northward despite Rebecca's worsening health.

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They are ambushed by a group of Russian immigrants led by Arvo, leading to a Mexican standoff. Clementine sees that Rebecca has succumbed to exhaustion and blood loss from the birth, has died but is now re-animating as a walker, and she or Kenny are forced to shoot her to save AJ. This sets off the gunfight, but they manage to kill the other Russians, and the group forces Arvo to take them to shelter.

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As they are chased by walkers, they are forced to walk across a frozen lake, which with their added weight, causes the ice to break and Luke to drown. Later that evening, Clementine discovers Arvo and others attempting to sneak away, due to being afraid of Kenny, which leads to a traumatized Arvo shooting Clementine, causing her to faint. When she wakes she finds herself with Kenny, Jane, and AJ heading north in a truck. They are forced to stop as a snowstorm approaches with the road blocked ahead, and Kenny goes to look for a way around; while he is gone, Jane urges Clementine to leave Kenny behind.

A walker horde appears, and Clementine is separated from Jane and AJ, but finds shelter in a nearby rest stop where she finds Kenny.

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The two struggle, Clementine gives up, and is forced to have one or both of them die. After the fight, she finds AJ safely hidden in a nearby car as part of Jane's plan to expose Kenny's temperament. The player can either decide for Clementine to leave with AJ alone or accompanied by the survivor of the fight. If Kenny is chosen the player may either chose to have Clementine enter Wellington with AJ alone or to continue travelling with Kenny.

If Jane is chosen the pair return to the department store and the player has the choice to let a family enter with them or not. Clementine is one of the two playable characters in the third season of the series A New Frontier. The game takes place a few years after Season 2, where several events have occurred to her depending of which ending the player choose in season 2. She will have a scar on her forehead, a scar on her left cheek, a "AJ" brand on her left hand or a missing left ringfinger depending on which of the events occur.

She currently tends to AJ, now a toddler. Clementine's history since the end of Season 2 is told in flashbacks throughout A New Frontier. If she had gone with Kenny, she accidentally crashes a car while being taught how to drive by Kenny who is subsequently paralyzed from the waist down. He sacrifices himself to a horde of walkers as Clementine and AJ flee from the crash site. If she had gone with Jane, she discovers Jane has committed suicide after finding out she was pregnant. If Clementine stayed at Wellington she is grazed by a bullet escaping from Wellington's destruction by a hostile group.

If traveling alone with AJ her finger is broken in a car door and she is forced to amputate it.

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No matter what the player chooses she will eventually end up tending for AJ alone. She encounters Ava, a woman who tells her about joining a group called the New Frontier. Within the present of A New Frontier , Clementine had become a member of the New Frontier but was exiled after stealing medicine from the group's doctor in an attempt to save a deathly ill AJ, a history she keeps quiet from others. She rescues Javier while trying to acquire a working vehicle and stays with him to help rescue his family at a nearby junkyard.

They get into a conflict with other members of the New Frontier, and ultimately Clementine and Javier are forced to travel to Richmond, a fortified town that has been taken over by the New Frontier. Clementine helps Javier to assure his family's well-being and defuse the issues with the New Frontier and other survivor outposts. She learns that AJ is being kept at a ranch outside of town, and takes her leave to recover him. The Final Season is the closure of Clementine's narrative arc in the series. Some years after the events of A New Frontier , Clementine and AJ, who is now a young boy, are traveling on their own.

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After stumbling into a walker horde, they are rescued by Marlon, the leader of a group of children from the abandoned Ericson boarding school. Clementine uses her time in the school to help AJ acclimate to social skills, while she helps the other children for sustainability and protection. Eventually, Clementine finds out from one of the school's residents, Brody, that Marlon traded two of their members, twin sisters Minerva and Sophie, to a group of raiders that threatened the school in exchange for safety and intends to do the same with her and AJ should they return.

After Marlon kills Brody and Clementine puts her down when she re-animates, she confronts Marlon and pressures him to reveal the truth to the other kids, only for him to be shot and killed by AJ.

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Some of the other kids vote for Clementine and AJ to leave the school, where in its outskirts they run into the raiders, one of them being Lilly, an old acquaintance of Clementine who was forced out of their survivor group by Lee and Kenny. Lilly threatens Clementine to return to the school and convince the rest of the children to give themselves over to her group. Clementine and AJ escape with the help of James, a former member of the Whisperers, although AJ is gravely wounded by gun shrapnel.

Clementine takes AJ back to Ericson for medical treatment and warns the kids of Lilly's incoming attack, helping them prepare by fortifying the school. Two weeks later, Lilly and her raiders arrive. Despite the children's efforts to fight back, the raiders kill one of them and kidnap three more. Clementine interrogates a captured raider, called Abel, and learns that his group has set up base on a riverboat west of the school. She scouts the place and decides that in order to sneak in and rescue the captured kids undetected, a horde of walkers need to be lured in to distract the raiders.

Clementine enlists the help of James to do this, and obtains a bomb made by Willy to destroy the boat after they rescue the others. Inside, they plant the bomb in the ship's boiler and encounter Minerva, now loyal to the raiders. The aerodynamic tubes keep your wind profile sleek, and give the frame remarkably precise ride qualities.

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