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Economic Health? Foundations of U. Often that meant that Gingrich and his rabble-rousing, rebellious allies were giving speeches to an empty House chamber. Gingrich himself would make camera pans a policy when, years later, he became speaker.

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His behavior, like that of the politicians who would follow him, was affected by the mere potential for eyeballs. That strategy might sound familiar after three years of watching Donald Trump—both the ability to speak to the public live on camera, without mediation, and also the knack for creating and exploiting crises. The aim to speak without any editorial intervention and create a ruckus is hardly the exclusive preserve of Gingrich or the president.

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Read: How American politics went insane. It also changed the way things worked within the chamber.

As Jonathan Rauch, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, has written in The Atlantic , well-meaning reforms have in fact weakened some parts of the American political system. Meanwhile, the ability to speak live on TV to the nation makes politics less about achieving things directly and more about scoring points.

The political strategist and writer Yuval Levin has written about the idea of institutions as either formative or performative.

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That slavery has been exciting from ancient times in all races. Of course their was no excuse for slavery in US at anytime.

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But it still exists but more hidden in a lot of Muslim countries in Middle East and Africa. I really enjoy the lectures.

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