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But the key clue is a pair of golden spider earrings. And the spider metaphor leads Wolfe and Archie to the killer. But the unraveling of the mystery is cunning and the solution is ingenious. Golden Spiders is certainly in my Top Art, I can agree with your five choices.

He supplies a personal Top Ten list, all worthy, and I was pleased to see 4 of my 5 on it. And indeed, the scene in the garage basement — torture and gunplay — is worthy of the best of Black Mask. George, how did you manage to read so many books — and even remember the stories and the names in them? I seem to only remember the really good books—and the really bad books! The one I remember liking best is Black Mountain.

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The Adventures of Nero Wolfe, Collection 1

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All the content from this, the old version of the Rex Stout page, will be transferred to the new version of the page over time. In fact, feel free to go ahead and do so yourself if you can spare a minute. Plus, exciting new content has already been added to the Rex Stout page in the new format , so make sure to check it out. See the complete list of Nero Wolfe full-length novels further down on this webpage.

Nero Wolfe — Where There's a Will

That is a span of 41 years; Rex Stout was between 48 and 89 years old when he wrote his famous yarns! See the complete list of Nero Wolfe novelettes further down on this webpage. That means an average of one Nero Wolfe short novel per one year of Nero Wolfe writing! However, two pairs from among the 41 novelettes are, in each instance, two different versions of the same story.

Even so, all four of these stories are worth reading; I mean, worth re reading as nearly everything Stout ever wrote about Wolfe. There are in total 14 Nero Wolfe collections of novelettes, including the posthumous volume; 11 collections contain 3 Nero Wolfe novelettes each, while And Four to Go contains guess how many!

Rex Stout and Pola Stout photographed in After all, Stout was almost in his fifties when, in , he came up with that fabulous first Wolfe novel, Fer-de-Lance.

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In fact, it may well be the finest Nero Wolfe volume of them all! And, Stout had exhibited signs of genius since his earliest childhood; his IQ was in the s. There is a gap of a decade and a half between the two sets of stories. It is preposterous to judge one set after only reading a sample from the other set.

Yet this is commonly done, in ignorance, by many Nero Wolfe enthusiasts who quickly dismiss any non-Wolfe book by Rex Stout simply because it does not feature Wolfe, or because it the adventure novel Under the Andes , to give an example is esteemed to be of low quality and, on the basis of this single work written by Stout when he was in his late 20s, these readers believe they can judge and dismiss without having read How Like a God , written when Stout was 43!

Here again one encounters a common error in judgment on the part of the reading public: the superb novel Red Threads on a par with the best of Wolfes! Yet that is wrong, for Cramer only appears as a supporting cast member in Red Threads , and is even less noticeable here than in most Nero Wolfe stories. Red Threads is an exquisite romantic mystery novel and the role of a non-professional detective is performed by a native-American character not Tecumseh Fox — Fox only sports a native-American name.

It is difficult to guess what the remaining five non-Wolfe mysteries by Stout might be in terms of literary quality: disappointments like Double for Death , or hidden gems like Red Threads? I am unable to verify this claim as the stories are not accessible. A commentary on these novels is above.

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There currently seems to be no way to verify the categorization, as the books are unavailable. Rex Stout, aged 20, on board of the presidential yacht Mayflower , Once more, I am not certain whether all the titles listed above really belong in this category; I have not read any of them, although the full text of Under the Andes can be downloaded for free from the Internet. Nevertheless, it appears hazardous to read the novel before one has acquainted oneself with all the Nero Wolfes!

Similarly available are the full texts of nine Rex Stout juvenilia short stories, expertly prepared for Internet presentation in by Geoffrey Sauer disclaimer for all external links on this webpage and web site :. The reputation of these items of juvenilia or adventure varies.

Under the Andes and A Prize for Princes both re-issued on paper in book form in recent years, and purchasable via online bookstores like Amazon are, by some accounts, supposed to be trashy. But are they? Let each reader find out for himself or herself by examining the links above. It is unclear as to what exactly might be contained in the two volumes edited by Stout; they are out of reach of the researcher.

An Edgar-winning bottomless treasury of information on the man behind the Man.

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A slim but well-liked guide to all 74 Nero Wolfe stories, featuring non-spoiler synopses and essays on the canon. This one managed to gain some notoriety. Townsend ed.

see Anderson: Rex Stout , F. Ungar, New York.